Grass-Fed Angus-Hereford Cross Beef

  • All beef will be sold by hanging weight which is bone in so the weight of the meat that you actually get will be less.
  • We are selling 1/2's and 1/4's and based on last year the average was 800 pounds hanging weight so 400 per 1/2 and 200 per 1/4 which is all mixed. We are now selling per piece per pound which is listed below.
  • Everyone gets all standard cuts of meat - Steaks, Roasts, Hamburger etc.
  • As you probably know the cost of beef has skyrocketed therefore our price this year is $6.00 per pound that is completely processed - cut, wrapped and frozen - ready to eat.
  • We are planning on splitting up and butchering at a rate of 2 every other month beginning in April 2017 - we can accelerate that if the demand is greater.

All Natural Pastured Pork

  • Our hogs will be hanging weight around 175 pounds.
  • A mix of all cuts - Bacon, Sausage, Cured Hams
  • Hogs are only 1/2 or greater and the price is $6.00 per pound.

**The hanging weights above are just estimates based on last year and would be charged at actual hanging weight which will be recorded by the USDA approved butcher.

Pork will be available on or before 9/2017

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Farm Fresh Eggs

  • All Natural Fresh Eggs
  • $3.00 Per Dozen


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